Reasons to Hire a Bakersfield Attorney

If you’ve suffered from an injury, you need all the assistance you can find, as quickly as you can get it. Some people rush to the decision to select the first Bakersfield that they find online. Before signing a contract with an attorney in Bakersfield, research several attorneys and match your criteria with their service. Here’s how to find the right attorney in Bakersfield for you.

If You Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay

The majority of Bakersfield attorneys receive a contingent fee. This means that if you win, your attorney gets a percentage of the cut. If you lose or at least come to a settlement, you owe nothing in fees. Although you may be responsible for other sundry expenses or fees. Make sure that your attorney explains any costs with you at your first consultation.

Experience with Claims Assessment

When you first come home with your injury, your friends and relatives are likely to have all sorts of opinions about how your lawsuit will come out. Upon seeing your injury for the first time, your friends and family will cultivate opinions on your lawsuit. The right attorney in Bakersfield should have the expertise to handle your case. They should be able to tell you, after your initial consultation, whether pursuing a lawsuit is worthwhile for you. Also, If you are not likely to win or even receive a settlement, there is little point in putting resources into preparing a case.

Attorneys in Bakersfield That Help with the Red Tape

Fighting an insurance company on a claim can mean filling out all sorts of paperwork. Often, the legal terminology in this paperwork is difficult for the average person to comprehend. Your attorney will help you navigate through the dense verbiages and understand what you are filling out signing and signing.

Expertise with Jury Verdicts

If you choose our firm as your legal representative in Bakersfield, you will receive vigorous representation in court. Many personal injury trials take place before a jury. Your attorney’s skill at representing your side of events is crucial when securing the best possible judgment. We have tons of experience in the Bakersfield Court House.

Savvy in Reaching Settlements

Many large companies are not willing to face the expense and publicity that come with a jury trial. Instead, they will often offer settlements to get rid of claims as quickly as possible. Our Bakersfield attorneys do not believe in settling for less than what our clients deserve. If a settlement is offered, having the money up front is preferable than waiting for months or years for companies to pay a jury’s verdict. Our approach is to view the settlement as a positive outcome if it helps you start your life over quickly with an amount of money in hand that is reasonably close to what you would have gotten in a courtroom.

Exploring Alternative Resolution

Not every personal injury dispute needs to go before a judge and jury. If we feel that mediation will achieve positive results then we will suggest movement in that direction first. The other party wants to dismiss the claim as quickly as possible, and mediation often gives them a chance to do so with little or no publicity. If we feel that a mediator can bring matters to a resolution, we will suggest it — both to you and to the other party.

Awareness of the Tactics of Insurance Companies

A solid personal injury attorney in Bakersfield will be savvy to the tactics that insurance companies use to intimidate plaintiffs into abandoning actions, or stalling matters so that it takes an extremely long time to start making progress. We never feel pressured to accept a settlement amount that is too low from an insurance company that is simply trying to minimize its losses.

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer in Bakersfield can make the difference between recovering positively from your injury and having it decimate your life. Give us a call, and we will book a free initial consultation with you to discuss your case. We will discuss your injury and give you our honest opinion as to how well your claim will do in court, as well as some insight into our potential strategy.

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By Kyle Jones