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Hundreds of car, and automobile vehicle accidents occur every day. If you’re the victim of an automobile accident, then you could be entitled to monetary compensation for your injures, pain, and property damage. You could be entitled to payment, whether it be from the person at fault, or their insurance carrier as a result of the accident. The Law Office of Kyle W. Jone assists you in receiving compensation for discomfort and suffering, lost wages, medical costs, rehab costs, property damages, and other monetary hardships you may have suffered. Our group of Bakersfield car accident lawyers manage cases such as:.

  • Car Accidents, involving roll overs,rear-end crashes and head-on collisions.
  • Motorcycle accidents.
  • Truck, semi-truck, or tractor trailer related crashes.
  • MTA and Bus relevant accidents.
  • Automobile accident causing wrongful death.

Despite the size of the automobile accident, these accidents can have a wide-range of impacts on the lives and health of victims. Oftentimes, there are medical conditions that develop at some point after the accident has already taken place. These conditions may, or might not, be visible to the naked eye.

We Go To Bat For Our Clients At Every Step.

  • Our personal injury attorneys will determine the driver responsible for your injury, and in particular learn the owner and motorist of all the vehicles that contributed to your injury.
  • Investigate of the accident site.
  • Our team of accident reconstruction specialists assist us to verify the carelessness of the other celebration.
  • Filing and handling all insurance coverage related documentation in order to assist you get the most advantages possible, and cause very little processing downtime.
  • Obtaining your clinical files to have them reviewed by clinical specialists.
  • We deal with all facets of your lawsuit, inlcuding deposition.
  • We handle mediation, arbitration and trial.

Above all we keep you informed of the development of the case.

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At The Law Office of Kyle W. Jones, our team of seasoned car accident lawyers will employ ever possible route to aid you in your situation.
By Kyle Jones