Memorial Day marks the official start of summer. As a motor vehicle accident attorney, I know all too well the dangers that come with holidays, crowded roads, and distracted drivers. And with the lowest gas prices in over a decade, the highways will be busy with travelers on a long weekend getaway. According to AAA, San Francisco and Los Angeles are two of the country’s top 10 Memorial Day destinations, so I-5 and the 99 will be packed. Let’s all stay safe so that we don’t need a road accident lawyer.

Here are a few safety tip reminders:


  • One of the dangers for serious motor vehicle accidents is a car stopped on the side of the road. Be sure to check your battery, tires, and fluids before heading out so that you don’t have to pull over and stop on the highway.
  • Construction on the road may cause slow-downs or road accidents if drivers aren’t paying attention.
  • Always have a designated driver who has not been drinking alcohol do the driving after a day or night of celebrating. Or stay put and don’t drive at all.


  • It’s unfortunate, but many boaters drink and drive. If you’re out on a boat, be vigilant about the behavior of other boaters to avoid accidents. Just like in a car, don’t drink and drive.
  • Make sure that the boat has a fire extinguisher and enough safety vests for all passengers. Kids under 13 must wear a safety vest while on the boat.
  • California Parks’ numbers for 2015: 503 boating incidents, 232 injuries, and 49 fatalities. Don’t be a statistic.


  • Food safety is in the news recently with recalls for many products that contain sunflower kernels and also frozen fruits and vegetables. There is a potential for Listeria contamination. Check the Food & Drug Administration Website for a complete list of products by brand name.
  • Place grills at least two feet away from decks, trees, or outdoor equipment that can catch fire, such as pool toys. Have a portable fire extinguisher available.
  • Getting sick will ruin a great weekend. Put away food in a refrigerator, or keep it below 40 degrees after serving. Don’t eat anything that has been sitting out for two hours or more. If you’re at an outdoor picnic and temperatures are over 90 degrees, the safety zone of time drops to one hour.

Stay safe and have fun.





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