Car accident injuries may create both immediate and long term problems for those involved in an auto accident. In fact, it may take a while for a person to notice that they have an injury. It helps to know the effects of car accident injuries so that you can be aware and seek proper medical attention. However, first of all, when you’re in an auto accident, talk with a qualified car accident lawyer and let that person take care of the details of working with the insurance companies. Common types of car accident injuries include:

Back injury

The impact of a car crash may cause damage to the spinal cord and result in nerve damage. If you start to feel tingling, reduced feeling, or pain in arms, hands, legs, or feet, it’s a good idea to be checked by a doctor and tell him or her that you had a car accident injury. Herniated disks are also a painful possibility with back injuries.

Head injury

Head injury is one of the worst types of car accident injuries. The immediate effect may be a concussion from hitting your head on a window, dashboard, or steering wheel. However, a head injury may lead to long-term cognitive issues or trouble with vision or hearing. Don’t ignore any signs that you may have a head injury.

Neck injury

We’ve all seen people with whiplash collars. The sudden shock of impact in a car accident can cause muscle and ligament damage in the neck. It may take a few days for the effect of a whiplash to become evident. Therefore, this is another reason to not talk with an insurance company too soon after an accident. You need to have some time to know if you’re really ok.

Chest injury

A serious car accident may affect internal organs, such as lungs and heart. There may be internal bleeding or broken ribs. It’s a good idea to be checked by a doctor whenever the accident is traumatic. Always tell the doctor that you have been in a car accident so that the medical visit is on record.

Broken bones, sprains and strains

We are thankful when car accident injuries are minor. And while a broken bone doesn’t feel minor at the time, it is usually easily repaired. Any type of medical attention you receive after a car accident should be covered by the insurance of the person who is at fault for the accident. Keeping correct documents of all injuries and medical appointments is important.

A final word about car accident injuries

Finally, the suffering part of ‘pain and suffering’ cannot be ignored. Car accidents are traumatic, and may be life-changing. Don’t hesitate to talk with an auto injury attorney if you’re in a car wreck. Know your options, and take care of yourself.



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