Sharing your car accident on social media seems like the natural thing to do, right? After all, you put everything about your life on Instagram and/or Facebook. And you may think, “If I post this car accident on social media and it’s just Snapchat, it will go away in a few seconds.” Wrong. Posting a car accident on social media could ruin your case if you want to collect a settlement for your damages, pain and suffering.


Why not share a car accident on social media


When you are in a car accident with injuries, you are wise to talk with a car accident lawyer before you talk with anyone else. An attorney knows the right questions to ask to get you the help that you need. So if you don’t talk with an insurance company before you talk with your lawyer, you also should not post about the accident on social media. If you are building a case for why the other driver is at fault, the insurance company defending that driver has a financial stake in the outcome.

Social media profiles are one of the first places an insurance company will look to devalue the car accident claim. And it’s just too risky for you to put something out there that could be misunderstood in any way. Technology is sophisticated enough that even with apps like Snapchat or if you think you delete a post, there are ways to retrieve the information.


How you ruin your case for your car accident on social media


You want your friends and family to know that you’re ok. So if you post about your car accident, and say, “Don’t worry! I’m fine!” what do you think that does for your case? Or you may be recovering from your accident and take a trip to the beach and post about it during the recovery time frame. Social media in essence says, “I’m doing well enough to get out of town for a few days.” All of a sudden, you’re on the defense about why your claim is serious.


Legitimate claims for car accident injuries


Don’t get me wrong, you may be seriously injured. And a good car accident attorney can help you recover damages to your car, medical expenses, compensation for time off of work and for your pain and suffering. What I’m saying is that social media may make you seem better than you really are. Isn’t the nature of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to put forward good things? And after your settlement, it’s still not a good idea to share about your car accident. Some things in life need to remain private. In the case of a serious car accident, the less you say, the better.


If you’re in a car accident and you have questions about the process of claiming compensation for your injuries, please contact our office.

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