Distracted driver accidents aren’t just about texting or talking on the phone. When you need to get to a non-familiar destination, an in-car GPS is helpful, right? Well, wrong if the map takes your attention from the road. According to defensivedriving.org, when you take your attention off the road for five seconds at 55 mph, you travel the length of an entire football field. And that’s plenty of time to cause distracted driver accidents.

How to prove distracted driver accidents

When you’re the victim of a distracted driver accident, you need to know how to prove the other driver is liable for the accident. Certainly, your car is damaged, but you may also suffer as a result of the accident with injuries or long-term chronic issues and pain. With a situation such as looking at a GPS, or dealing with kids about an in-car entertainment system, it’s difficult to prove the cause. Combine that with the fact that the police don’t always come to the scene of the accident, and the burden of proof becomes more challenging. You’ll need the help of a car accident attorney who knows how to get to the bottom of the situation. This is not something you can do well on your own.

If you’re in an accident of any type, there’s a good chance the cause was distracted driving. Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening in Bakersfield and all over the country. Even though you may be upset at the time of the accident, do your best to gather information that you can turn over to a car accident attorney. Information you need:

  • Names and contact information of the other driver
  • Names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident – people in the car or people who stop to help the accident victims

Additionally, an auto accident attorney may have access to surveillance camera data or the police report of the accident (if there is one).

How a car accident attorney can help

Proving distracted driving accidents isn’t easy. But when you have car repairs, medical bills, and loss of work, you need compensation. It takes an expert lawyer to know how to represent you in such a way that you get the compensation you deserve.

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness month

Distracted driving accidents are so common that the National Safety Council designates the month of April to generate awareness. It’s up to all of us to know the dangers and make a commitment to not driving distracted. Legislation is part of the answer, but it comes down to personal choice. The stakes are too high for both victims and the person who causes the accident.

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