In a recent accident in east Bakersfield, five people were injured and four cars were involved, with one ending up flipped over onto its side.  It’s a miracle no one died in that hit and run.

According to the Office of Traffic Safety’s most recent data (2015), Kern ranked 17th out of 58 counties for hit and runs, with 364 fatal and injury hit and runs recorded that year.

In California, fleeing the scene of an accident is a felony when the accident causes injury to someone else.  In addition, the injured party may file a civil suit against the individual causing the accident.

California law requires drivers involved in any vehicle accident to stop the vehicle, locate the owner of the damaged vehicle or property and exchange documentation such as license and insurance information.  The driver is also required to provide aid to a person injured in the accident, regardless of who is at fault.

This is where my office can help.  If the police find a driver at fault for causing an accident involving a hit and run, you can sue for damages assuming the individual has insurance and/or assets.

We can determine the types of damages to seek. These generally include compensation for medical bills, lost wages and property damages.

The most important first step is to preserve all evidence, report the accident immediately to law enforcement and cooperate with the law enforcement investigation into who hit you.

The DMV offers the following suggestions on what to do immediately following a hit and run accident:

  • Stay calm and collect as much information as possible. This will help law enforcement catch the driver who hit you, help your insurance company and lawyer make decisions about your claim or case.
  • Get as much information about the car that hit you as possible such as model, make and license plate number.
  • Look around for possible witnesses to the accident and ask for their contact information.
  • Before leaving the scene, write down the time and location of the accident.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene.
  • take pictures of your car or property, especially if another car’s paint is visible on it.

If you have been the victim of a hit and run accident, contact my office.  Having a qualified personal injury attorney can ensure that you get the best outcome for your claims. Whether you are dealing with an insurance company or directly with an individual that caused the accident, contact me.

When I take your case, I promise to keep you informed every step of the way. I’ll fight hard on your behalf and get your life back on track while securing the damages owed to you.


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