Speeding car accidents happen when people are in a hurry. Busy lives demand that we pack as much into a day as possible. But the risk just isn’t worth it. Best case, you get a speeding ticket. Worst case, a speeding car accident causes serious injury or death. If you’re the victim of a speeding car accident, you need to know how to prove that the other driver was at fault.

Physical evidence in a speeding car accident

Car accident investigators can use calculations to determine things like speeding. This is why it’s important to take as many photos as possible if you or a witness to the accident is able. Take pictures of the cars, the road, and the debris scattered around. The road will be cleared as quickly as possible, so collect the evidence that you can.

  • Skid marks – The length of skid marks is one way to determine speed by knowing how long it took a car to come to a stop. Such skid marks are helpful in determining fault.
  • Road debris – The amount of debris and how far it flies may also be an indicator of speed.
  • Car damage – Car manufacturer specifications may be helpful because the manufacturer has collision ratings that may indicate how much force it takes to create a certain level of damage.

Witness statements

Witnesses to accidents can often tell if there was reckless driving that caused an accident. While on the scene, if you are able, ask witnesses if you can have their contact information. Thankfully, people in Bakersfield often stop to lend aid in an accident. And these people may be witnesses to what happened. For the driver, everything happens so fast in a speeding car accident, that you may not know what hit you. If your case goes to trial, your car accident lawyer may also want to call an expert witness to testify. Expert witnesses are authorities that can look at the evidence and provide a professional opinion on what happened at the scene of the accident.

Police reports

The police don’t always come to the scene of an accident and make a report. But if they do, the report can be very helpful. Police reports may indicate which driver was at fault for the accident. They also record details about the evidence at the scene, whether or not a person was cited in the accident, and information about the influence of drugs or alcohol (if any).

Proving fault in car accidents is best handled by a car accident lawyer. We know the questions to ask, and we know how to handle insurance companies. If you’re in a speeding car accident, don’t settle too soon with an insurance company. You may have injuries that don’t show up right away, and it’s important that you keep the case open so that you receive all of the compensation that you’re due. Please call our office if we can help.

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