Truck accident investigations are different than car crash investigations, so it’s helpful to know what to expect. The size and weight of trucks can make the damage quite devastating, so determining fault is one of the main goals of truck accident investigations. Who is the responsible party? It could be the driver of the truck or the driver of another car involved in the accident. There may also be considerations such as mechanical failure or weather conditions that affected the roads. Therefore, having a car accident lawyer who has experience with truck accident investigations is important for receiving correct compensation for your accident.

Truck accident investigations’ Q&A

Are there witnesses to the accident?

If you are able, always get contact information for witnesses who saw what happened in any type of accident.

Do you have photos of the truck accident?

Again, if you’re able, or if one of your passengers is able, take photos of the scene of the accident.

What is the truck driver’s record?

By law, companies must have driver records for the truck drivers they employ. Records include information about employment history, drug and alcohol tests, training, licenses, and hours of service. Your truck  accident attorney is most helpful in gathering this type of information.

What is the maintenance history of the truck?

Knowing when the truck had service or put on new tires may be helpful clues to the accident. Equipment failures may also relate to improper loading of heavy cargo. (Maintenance records are another item on the truck accident lawyer list.)

Is there GPS or other information that contributes to the truck accident investigation?

Your lawyer can subpoena records from the trucking company about the truck. Companies often have fleet management systems that can provide information such as number of hours, speed, braking, and location information. This data may be helpful in building your case.

Things to remember about truck accident investigations

Your truck accident attorney will do a lot of the work for you with regard to your case and working with the insurance companies. Your role is to direct all questions and conversations about the accident to your lawyer. You also need to keep thorough records about anything that connects to the accident. Examples include car repairs, medical records, doctor visits, pharmacy receipts, and time off of work due to the accident. Whenever you go to the doctor, ask the doctor to reference the accident in the report. You must have a paper trail.

We hope that you never have an accident with a truck. But if you do, or if someone you care about has a truck accident, please contact us to see if we can help you.


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