truck_accidents_ssBakersfield and Kern County have a non-stop flow of truck traffic. Commercial truck accidents on the 99 and I5 are in the news too often. The sad fact is that a commercial truck accident is often more tragic than a car accident. If you are the injured person, you need a competent, experienced truck accident lawyer to help you prove your case.

Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

Driver error is the leading cause of commercial truck accidents. Errors include fatigue/drowsiness, distracted driving, or substance abuse. But the driver may also use bad judgment when making a right turn by taking up too many lanes or failing to drive wisely in poor weather conditions. A truck can’t stop as quickly or easily as a car on wet or icy roads. Other causes of accidents include:

  • Truck equipment failure – Worn tires or brakes cause accidents. Even though truck drivers and companies must have regular inspections, they may be behind in proper certification.
  • Improper loading – Truck cargo that is out of balance may shift or cause the driver to lose control of the truck. Trucks that have too much cargo also create a dangerous driving condition.

Liability for Commercial Truck Accidents

So, who is responsible for the truck accident? The driver may cause the accident, but the trucking company may have liability, too. A trucking or shipping company may have to pay for an employee’s driver negligence or behavior. If the driver is an independent contractor, then a truck accident attorney needs to find out and prove the relationship and responsibility of the shipping company vs. the driver. Depending on the connection of the cargo to the accident, such as hazardous materials that spill, the cargo manufacturer may also bear some responsibility. Each party carries its own insurance. Therefore, a truck accident lawyer is the best person to work out compensation with the responsible insurance companies.

Qualifications for a Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

An attorney with experience in commercial truck accidents knows how to address complications with proving fault and working with insurance companies. Such a specialty is similar to, but not identical to car accidents. Truck cases often involve extensive investigation to prove fault. It’s important that your attorney understands how to work with trucking corporations to obtain proper compensation for the truck accident.

Talk with us if you or someone you love is harmed by a commercial truck accident. We’re here to help you get what you deserve for pain and trauma.





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