Lawyers for auto accidents in Bakersfield would like to see an end to drinking and driving in our community. The effects are devastating to families and friends of victims. Kern County District Attorney Office statistics list 4,223 DUIs in Kern County in 2015.* That’s 11.5 DUIs EVERY DAY.
You can be part of the solution to reduce these statistics in our community. Most importantly, dont let your friends or yourself drink and drive. Next, consider supporting Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to increase awareness of the dangers of drunk driving and raise funds that support victim families. The Walk Like MADD & MADD Dash 5K is at 8:00 a.m. this Saturday, September 24th at The Park at River Walk. As of September 19th, they have raised 89% of the $55,000 goal. If you don’t want to run, you can still support the cause by donating online.
Auto injury lawyers talk with people every day who have been hit by people driving under the influence. But the families of the drunk drivers are also impacted by the poor decisions of their family member who drives drunk. The best way to prevent drunk driving auto accidents is to make a plan for a designated driver ahead of time. If those best plans fail…

Follow these 8 tips are from Mothers Against Drunk Driving to prevent someone from driving drunk

1. Be as non-confrontational as possible.
2. Suggest alternate ways of getting to their destination — a cab, a sober driver, public transportation.
3. Remember that the person you are talking to is impaired — talk a bit more slowly and explain things more fully than if you were speaking to a sober person.
4. Explain that you don’t want them to drive because you care and you don’t want them to hurt themselves or others.
5. Suggest that they sleep over.
6. Enlist a friend to help you or to act as moral support — it’s more difficult to say “no” to two (or three or four) people than one.
7. If possible, get the person’s keys. It is far easier to persuade the potential driver when you hold this leverage.
8. If all else fails, call law enforcement. It’s better to have a friend arrested than injured or killed.
Driving under the influence – and drunk driving accidents – are 100% preventable. Let’s make Bakersfield a safe place to live.
*Walk Like MADD



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