Kyle Jones & Moneywise: A One-Stop Shop

I am fortunate to practice in Bakersfield where we have a host of local resources available to assist my clients.  One such resource is Moneywise Wealth Management, with whom I have a professional relationship and the ability to tap into their expertise for a variety of matters.

Every weekday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM, the Moneywise Guys host a radio program on Newstalk 1180 & The New 96.1 KERN.  Using national and local news as a backdrop, the show discusses a variety of financial and legal issues facing Kern County residents.  I appear on the show regularly to provide legal advice and information.  My colleague John Duffield, CPA also appears regularly to provide tax-related information.

Located at 8700 Stockdale Highway, across from CSUB, Moneywise Wealth Management is a local firm with great talent.  The Advisory Team of David Anderson, Sherod Waite, Garro Ellis, Kris Pelster and Justin Leland focus on financial advice and planning. I, Kyle Jones, provide assistance with the legal aspects of their work.  It is a great partnership that provides my clients with access to key resources and advice — all under one roof.

Moneywise Wealth Management provides the following key services:

  • Retirement & Financial Planning
  • 401(k) and Pension Rollovers
  • Education & Goal Funding
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Asset Allocation
  • Annuities & Insurance Services

One of the key aspects of the Moneywise approach is to understand that financial and legal issues are often intertwined.  With expertise in a variety of areas, the Moneywise team provides a one-stop shop for a variety of issues.  Call me today and see how I can help you, along with the Moneywise Guys, to make sure your financial and legal planning is done with care and expertise to protect your interests.

And remember to listen to the Moneywise Guys radio program every Monday through Friday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM on Newstalk 1180 & The New 96.1 KERN and catch me regularly as I share advice from a legal standpoint that will help you with real life situations.

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