A Guide to Preventing Elder Abuse Each year, thousands of adults over 60 experience some form of elder abuse. According to the World Health Organization(WHO), 1 in 6 seniors have been abused in community settings like nursing homes and assisted living facilities. If you’re concerned about your elderly loved one being abused, taking the following…

What’s Involved in a Personal Injury Case?  An accident can be physically, emotionally, and financially devastating. If you’ve been injured, you may have medical bills and other expenses that racked up while you took time off work to heal. You may be considering filing a personal injury claim to recover damages against the responsible party….

Kyle Jones & Moneywise: A One-Stop-Shop I’m fortunate to practice in Bakersfield where we have a host of local, independent resources available to assist my clients.  One such resource is Moneywise Wealth Management, with whom I have a long-standing professional relationship. Their financial advisory team consists of David Anderson, Sherod Waite, Garro Ellis, Kris Pelster…

The Law Office of Kyle W. Jones successfully settled an elder abuse case at $480,000! It can be devestating to learn that a loved one is being abused. If you want to learn more about signs of elder abuse, read here. For additional resources, check out our blog posts.    

The Law Offices of Kyle Jones recently reached a settlement of one millions dollars for a wrongful death personal injury case. Read more about how we can help you by exploring our practice areas.  

Why Distracted Driving Statistics Matter in Bakersfield Distracted driving is by far the #1 cause of car accidents. It is such a problem that companies like AT&T do advertising campaigns to discourage texting and driving. The U.S. government has an official Website that’s all about distracted driving. When there are accidents, car accident attorneys usually…

The Law Offices of Kyle Jones recently reached a settlement of a 7 figure medical malpractice suit for their client. It’s ALWAYS important for you to have a patient advocate by your side and stay on top of your medical treatments. Learn more on winning cases for medical negligence in this blog.



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