Elder Abuse Prevention & Detection Abuse against the elderly population is a growing concern as Americans are living longer today than ever before. Millions of elderly adults are victims of abuse each year. More than half of these elderly abuse cases go unreported to authorities. The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 6 seniors are…

A Guide to Preventing Elder Abuse Each year, thousands of adults over 60 experience some form of elder abuse. According to the World Health Organization(WHO), 1 in 6 seniors have been abused in community settings like nursing homes and assisted living facilities. If you’re concerned about your elderly loved one being abused, taking the following…

Proving Fault in Nursing Home Neglect Cases Nursing home injuries are often the result of neglect by one or more caregivers in the facility. If your loved one received an injury in a nursing home, contacting a lawyer is a great first step to stopping the abuse and holding the caregiver responsible for their negligence….

The Law Office of Kyle W. Jones successfully settled an elder abuse case at $480,000! It can be devestating to learn that a loved one is being abused. If you want to learn more about signs of elder abuse, read here. For additional resources, check out our blog posts.    



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