How Can You Prove a Car Accident Caused by Texting Up to 80% of all car crashes are due to driver distraction. And even though everyone knows that texting and driving is illegal, 55% of teens say it’s easy to drive and send a text at the same time. 44% of adults say that they have…

Being in a car wreck is a shocking experience. If you’re in a wreck, you need to think clearly, at a time when clear thinking may be difficult. Keep the following checklist in your phone or your car so that if you have an accident, you’re ready with all the documents you need for insurance and/or an attorney….

Even good drivers get in auto accidents, and it’s not something most people think about when driving to work or school every day. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, Bakersfield had over 1,300 traffic accidents with fatalities and injuries in 2012 (the most recent data available) – more than three a day. And…

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